Sorry, I Have Plans

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You just got home after a long day – you take your bra off, uncork a bottle of wine, and are just about to run a bath when you get a text from your BFF.

“Heeey, we're going out for tapas at 8:30. Come with?

8:30? Is she serious?! But you’re already in your robe with your favorite show ready to binge. You workshop a series of long-winded, sympathetic sounding texts explaining all the reasons why you can’t possibly go (stress, you feel a cold coming on, etc). After a few minutes and a couple more sips of Chardonnay you come up with the perfect response: “Sorry, I have plans.”

Damn right you have plans, girl. A night out with the girls can wait, because a night dedicated to YOU is just something you can’t possibly reschedule.

Smells like: Bergamot, Cotton Blossom & Amber


Product Features:
100% soy wax poured in the USA
Burn Time approx. 60 hours
Wax Weight: 14.5oz - 2 wick
Product Size: 3.94" x 4.25"


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